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Quellen- und Literaturverzeichnis

I. Filmquellen

  1. Filme von Lawrence und Margaret Thaw

A Motor Honeymoon, 1924, 90 Min., Lehrstuhl für Zeitgeschichte der LMU München.

[Palm Beach], 1925, 20 Min., Lehrstuhl für Zeitgeschichte der LMU München.

[Palm Beach], 1926, 13 Min., Lehrstuhl für Zeitgeschichte der LMU München.

The Second Honeymoon – or – The Flight of the Parents – or – The Escape from Greenwich – or – What Have You?, 1927, 48 Min., Lehrstuhl für Zeitgeschichte der LMU München.

[Palm Beach], 1928, 16 Min., Lehrstuhl für Zeitgeschichte der LMU München.

[Palm Beach], 1930, 11 Min., Imperial War Museum London.

A Journey Through Bavaria or Wagner, Religion and Beer, 1930, 55 Min., Imperial War Museum London.

A Caribbean Cruise, 1932, 31 Min., Imperial War Museum London.

The Whole Damn Family in Europe, 1933, 62 Min., Imperial War Museum London.

From Cairo to Cape, 1935, 120 Min., Imperial War Museum London.

Black Majesty, 1936/37, 90 Min., Imperial War Museum London.

The Great Silk Route, 1940, 73 Min., Imperial War Museum London.

India, 1940, 82 Min., Imperial War Museum London.


  1. Kurzfilme

Twentieth Century Fox (USA 1942, je 7. Min.), Imperial War Museum London:

A Wedding of Bikaner

City of Paradox

Coast of Strategy

Gateway to Asia

India the Golden

Jewels of Iran

Kingdom of Tresaure

Mystic India

Realm of Royalty

Royal Araby

Sikhs of Patiala

Strange Empire


Universal Studios (ca. 1942, je 9. Min.), Imperial War Museum London:

Confusion in India

Hungry India


Standard Oil (ca. 1942, 26 Min.):

From New Lands to Old

http://www.travelfilmarchive.com/item.php?id=12955 (acc. 16.1.2019).


  1. Andere

Seeing London. Part I: Westminster and Whitehall, R: Burton Holmes, USA 1918, 4 Min. http://www.travelfilmarchive.com/item.php?id=10978&keywords=Burton+Holmes&startrow=10 (acc. 16.1.2019).

Seeing Paris. Part I: On the Boulevards, R: Burton Holmes, USA 1921, 12 Min. http://www.travelfilmarchive.com/item.php?id=10979&keywords=Burton+Holmes&startrow=10 (acc. 16.1.2019).

Nine Glories of Paris, R: Burton Holmes, USA 1921, 4 Min. http://www.travelfilmarchive.com/item.php?id=11760&keywords=burton+holmes+nine+glories+of+paris (acc. 16.1.2019).

Our Dancing Daughters, R: Harry Beaumont, USA 1928 125 Min.; DVD.

Simba, R: Osa und Martin Johnson, USA 1928, 109 Min.; DVD Osa and Martin Johnson Museum.

Across the World with Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, R: Osa und Martin Johnson, USA 1930, 120 Min.; DVD Osa and Martin Johnson Museum.

Trader Horn, R: Woody Van Dyke, USA 1931, 120 Min.; DVD.

Congorilla, R: Osa und Martin Johnson, USA 1932, 106 Min.; DVD Osa and Martin Johnson Museum.

Tarzan the Ape Man, R: Woody Van Dyke, USA 1932, 140 Min.; DVD.

A Century of Progress Exposition. Around the Fair, R: Burton Holmes, USA, 1933, 13 Min. http://www.travelfilmarchive.com/item.php?id=13094&keywords=burton+holmes+century+of+progress (acc. 16.1.2019).

Baboona, R: Osa und Martin Johnson, USA 1934, 106 Min.; DVD Osa and Martin Johnson Museum.

Tarzan and His Mate, R: Woody Van Dyke, USA 1934, 127 Min.; DVD.

The Thin Man, Woody Van Dyke, USA 1934, 131 Min.; DVD.

Wheels Across Africa, R. Armand Denis und Leila Roosevelt, USA 1936, 56 Min.     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJ-jC7kqYg8 (acc. 16.1.2019).

The Women, R: George Cukor, USA 1939, 133 Min.; DVD.

High Society, R: Charles Walters, USA 1956, 111 Min.; DVD.


II. Ungedruckte Quellen

  1. American Museum of Natural History, New York

Research Library, Central Archives

File No. 1213 1935-1951; 1214 1925-1949

  1. British Library, London

Asian and African Studies

India Office Records, L/I/1/1533

  1. British National Archives, Kew

Central Office of Information

INF 17/24

  1. Library of Congress, Washington D.C.

Prints and Photographs Division

Gottscho, Samuel H., My Life in Photography, Typoskript

  1. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), College Park, Maryland

Record Group 226, OSS Central Files 1941-1946

Box 248

  1. National Geographic Society, Washington D.C.

Archives & Special Collections

File No. 21-222; 21-235; 22-2398; 23-257; 510-1-25

  1. Privatnachlass Thaw, London

Korrespondenz und Reiseunterlagen

Fotos und Fotoalben

Tagebücher von Margaret Thaw

Press Clipping-Sammlung

Lawrence’ War Record

Notizen von Lawrence Thaw jr.


III. Zeitungen

Baltimore Sun, Baltimore

Buffalo Courier Express, Bufallo

Buffalo Sunday Courier Magazine, Buffalo

Chicago Daily Tribune, Chicago

Detroit Free Press, Detroit

Hartford Courant, Hartford

Life Magazine, New York

Los Angeles Herald, Los Angeles

Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles

Miami Daily News, Miami

New York City News, New York

New York Daily Mirror, New York

New York Daily News, New York

New York Journal, New York

New York Journal-American, New York

New York World Telegram, New York

Palm Beach Daily News, Palm Beach

Palm Beach Life, Palm Beach

Poughkeepsie NY Daily Eagle, New York

Richmond Times Dispatch, Richmond

The Auburn Citizen, Auburn

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, New York

The Daily Argus, Mount Vernon

The Day Book, Chicago

The Evening World, New York

The New York American, New York

The New York Evening Post, New York

The New York Evening Telegram, New York

The New York Herald Tribune, New York

The New York Herald, New York

The New York Sun, New York

The New York Times, New York

The Palm Beach Post, Palm Beach

The Saragotian, Saragota Springs

The Sun, New York

The Washington Herald, Washington DC

Wall Street Journal, New York


IV. Gedruckte Quellen

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